The Warrior Program

About The Program

The Warrior Program is a leadership program offered by The Community Check-Up. In effort to truly raise a new generation of environmental health warriors, we select a cohort of youth to mentor throughout the program session. We equip these youth with the skills they need to be leaders in their community and demand action against environmental health instability. With mentorship from our organization, each selected Warrior leads a capstone project to educate and empower their local communities. In the past, Warriors have created video series about environmental health topics, workshops regarding youth activism in the movement, and more.

Program Objectives

The objective of this mentorship and leadership program is to empower youth to take action in their own communities. Through this program, Warriors will better understand the inner workings of environmental health, climate and health justice, leadership within activism, and more. In addition to this, Warriors will be equipped with the skills they need to continue making change in their local communities and fight for environmental health justice.

Selection Process

Selection into the program is competitive. Applicants are evaluated by our Warrior Program Selection Committee, composed of industry experts, social activists, and more. The Committee evaluates applications with a holistic approach in effort to convene a diverse cohort of youth. The Committee encourages applications from those with underserved backgrounds as it is cognizant of how environmental health issues are more prevalent in minority and underserved communities. The application is evaluated on several factors such as motivation to tackle specific challenges within the community, capacity to develop leadership skills, and dedication to the program.

Apply to Become a Warrior

Deadline for Consideration for the 2021 Cohort: February 1st, 2021